Hijab Should Not Make Us Stand Out

An article taken from one of my favorite fan sites on Facebook called niqab;the face veil.

One of the big misunderstandings people have about Islamic Modesty is that hijab (including niqab, jilbab, and a headscarf) is that it isn’t supposed to make us stand out.

The garments we are commanded by Allah to wear in the Qu’ran are supposed to make us stand out: from non muslims. We ARE SUPPOSED to were garments that dstinguish us/make us stand out from the NON MUSLIMS and the purpose of this is worship of Allah as One and Alone. When we were jilbab, khimar, and or niqab we are obeying Allah’s clear commands that we are not to resemble to disbelievers, and His instructions for doing so : to wear certain garments in a certain manner.

The not-standing-out part of hijab is not to try and make ourselves seem more important (in social standing or religious status) with our hijabs than another sister who is dressed in proper hijab. This is from back in the Prophet’s day when people used to wear their wealth in ostentatious and unnecessary manners to show of their worldly station (rich merchant, princess, ect) or who wore clothes in disrepair or didn’t wear shoes when they could afford shoes ect. (to make a show of their humblness). THAT’s what not what standing out in hijab means. It doesn’t mean that we are to dress as the non-muslims dress and disregard the clear commands in the Qu’ran. It means we are not supposed to use our hijab to gain reputation among the Muslims (TO MAKE US ABOVE THEM IN POWER, WEALTH, OR of the lack thereof.)



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