In the age of freely sharing infomation…be careful, you may not know who you are sharing with.

A friend of mine shared this advice with me, and we all know I love a good quote. It especially made me stop and think because we are in the age of internet freedom where nothing is sacred or private. Inside jokes are never actually “inside” but shared with the entire world, once private photos are now plastered all over Facebook for “friends”  (people from all walks of life that we may or may not associate with anymore) and family to see and scrutinize and make whatever judgment they like of your personal life. Don’t get me wrong sharing information is not all bad, it can mean the world to a friend or relative to see pictures from your wedding or snapshots of your life, but we also have to be mindful of who we are sharing sometimes private information with. The quote is below, I hope you benefit from it as much as I have.

“Be careful what you say and do, and who you associate with. Innocent words, actions, and associations can be used to intentionally (or mistakenly) misrepresent your positions and ideology. SOMEONE is always watching; SOMETIMES they are just waiting for you to make that little joke or statement that can be taken out of context… Be proud of who you are, but be wise in how you present yourself.”

What does this piece of advice mean to you?


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