Circle of friends

No, I am not talking about the lovely 1995 movie starring Minnie Driver, I am talking about my super fabulous weekend! This weekend was such an awesome weekend surrounded by so many of my wonderful friends I welcome Monday with open arms as an opportunity to finally turn my phone off and (sigh) rest.
The weekend officially began on Thursday (I know!) at my sisters house where she invites us every year to spend the Eve of Christmas with her side of the family. I love it there because when I was growing up we didn’t really do family dinner or acknowledge holidays for that matter, so its kinda nice to just bask in the moment of the spirit around good people. Good times. I had a great time! Food, family, and presents!

That Friday (Christmas for you celebrating folks, Friday Jumah prayer for me!) My good friends Shaina and her Fiance George invited us to dinner with their family. I had a great time playing charades,playing find your match and eating good food. What I loved is that even though I was not family, during their holiday I and my Muslim family were welcomed, respected and invited to participate in sharing joy of being with family.My sincere hope is that I was a example to them and that I benefited them in the best way being from a different faith and all.
By now I am sure you think that with all that partying I am pooped, but I still have Saturday and Sunday to brag about!

Saturday was the day of the 5th annual sisters brunch. A coveted event I try to attend every year for the sake of sisterhood, camaraderie, and food! Oh how I love food! We were entertained with demonstrations by the Alimah Scouts ( an Islamic chapter of the girl scouts in Philadelphia) and a sister gave a very heartfelt lecture on the importance of sisterhood that touched my heart. I saw so many lovely and missed faces that day, my cup was surely full! The brunch was delicious and the conversation flowed. As I sat and ate I heard snippets of old friends chatting, new friendships bonding and each and everyone of us truly feeling sisterhood that day.
After the brunch a few hours later, I went to my good friend Keziyah’s baby shower and helped her welcome into the world little Safi Ziah Cicero, who is cream of the crop baby perfection might I add! It was such fun being amongst sisters, playing silly games, eating good food and being together for the sake of our Lord. Who doesn’t love a good baby shower!
Then this Sunday finally came around and I spent some much needed friend time with a couple of old friends. We went to the gym and did a much needed workout afterword I went to my new food obsession- A restaurant called Panera Bread. I had a salad and a sandwich that could have been my last meal and I would have died happy. Needless to say they can look forward to getting my money in the future.
I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed my weekend.


2 thoughts on “Circle of friends

  1. Wow great blog Paradise! I had no idea you had one! I know I’ve told you many times before but you are just such a wonderful, genuine, and sweet sister! I am so greatful to Allah to have you in my life! I really enjoy spending time with you and the BB shower was so much fun especially because you were there. I look forward to spending more time with you, inshaAllah 🙂 Salaams

    • Awww Kez! Thanks, I feel the same way about you. I am truly happy that we are in each other’s lives. I pray this makes my writing better and hope to be a journalist someday, inshallah! Take care keep reading : )

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