Who do you think you are!? Well I’d be happy to tell you!

Welcome all friends,strangers,explorers, lovers,fighters and  knowledge seeking folk!

I hug you with the openest of arms and warmest greeting and hope that you a great time having a glimpse into my special world. I will begin with a little about ME!

I am a married mother of one beautiful and happy daughter. I am a  Muslim woman from Philadelphia. I am a passionate and happy person that loves  to cook,craft,learn,spend time with friends and a great other things that you and I both have yet to learn about!

In this blog  intend to share and document my life and times, my friends, my loves and my happy moments and (hopefully few and far between) my somber ones. My life is small and humble, but meaningful, I am but a grain of sand on this great big beach of a world. My incidents are minute but eventful. I welcome all respectful opinions and hope to learn something from you as well. Please let me know your thoughtsabout what you read and let me know you were here.

By reading this blog, you are in for a rare and special treat, a view of the world from behind my eyes. Enjoy!


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