The way things should be

In a perfect world there would be no racism, all children would have father’s, there would be no poverty or war. Everyone would have equal opportunities and poor would not exist. There would be no murder, no rape, no jail. No theft, no ugly, and best of all no evil to combat.
We envision the reality of an idea of this perfect world and we envy it. We long for it and attempt to create what we think it should be in out seemingly imperfect lives. What we are not realizing is that without sin, there would be no forgiveness. Without evil there would be no good. I understand that in essence being absent of all these evil things would be beauty, but the real beauty is that we can have love, honor and forgiveness despite these things.

In my perfect world I would have finished my degree, have a nice big home and car. Plenty of great friends to spend time with, a loving spouse and children and lots of money. What I am learning is that it is despite not having ALL these things I can still find happiness in life. I can still see the beauty and simplicity of taking a walk in the park or having one nice piece of jewelry that was given in love.
I have thought a lot about my life and what direction its going in. Reflecting back I also think about the things I have not done and if I made the right decisions. If I had done everything “right” I am sure I would still would have desires about things I haven’t done and I probably still would want and long for other things, thus (in my case) not fully appreciating what I have accomplished thus far…
Happiness is truly how you look at it. I can honestly say that it makes me a better person being gracious and thankful for what little I am fortunate to have.


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