Random things about me.

1) I love interior decorating, I think it is one of the most fun things in the world to decorate a room.

2) I know a lot of people, but don’t have very many close friends

3) I actually enjoy helping people

4) I love tea, I think I drink it more than water

5) I love shopping for me, but could go broke shopping for my daughter Fatimah

6) I wish I knew how to sew really well, I would make all my clothes.I own 2 sewing machines, a seger, a lovely sewing table and all the supplies, but still can’t sew. Go figure

7) I am obsessed with eating healthy

8) I have 9 brothers and sisters

9) My husband is my best friend

10) My favorite colors are purple and turquoise

11) I would change a lot of things about me except my religion

12) Some of my goals this year are to save the deposit for my house, pay off my car loan, not to tell even silly lies, and show up to all the events I’m invited to faithfully

13) Im not really into pets

14) After having a baby I don’t think I could ever work a 40 hour work week again.

15) I can make a meal out of pretty make anything

16) reading is a hobbie of mine

17) I often go with the flow in most situations

18) I was a vegetarian for 2 years

19) I love bar-be-que chicken

20) I love ballet

21) I own about 150 DVD’s

22) Most people call me Paradise

23) I do not care for things like gossip

24)I love birthday cake

25) I really enjoy motherhood and being a wife

26) I believe in God, have faith, and know that I am in control only to a certain extent; let go and let God deal with it.

27) I have the best sisters in the world;seriously they are awesome and my heros

28) I think that I have an excellent moral compass

29) I think taking responsibility for the things you do in life in one of the most important things about being a grown up.


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