10 of my favorite websites

In no particular order

1. http://weheartit.com/

This site is just tagged pictures, it has some of the most beautiful and interesting pictures I have ever seen. The pictures are searched by tags so for example if you type in “flowers” it gives you pics of flowers, you get better pictures by being more specific like “pink flowers”, I enjoy looking at nice things.


I don’t think I could live without this site, it is the most comprehensive Quran site I have ever seen. It has the Quran in 20 different languages, it also has tasfir(commentary of Quran),Different Qari’s (reciters) and has a great Quran search engine -type in any word and it will show you where it is in the Quran, its great for those times when you can only remember part of a verse and want to quote the Quran.


This is a site where people can share and upload documents, whats great is that you have a wealth of already written information so thousands of different subjects, its a great way to share the love of knowledge.

This is a Muslim sisters social networking site who’s demographic is those who love Islam and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad. We share Islamic knowledge, Quran,Hadith and modern tips that help us apply the Sunnah in so many different ways. It is VERY helpful for those who are not able to spend time studying in the masjid taking classes(like me) but still want to be able to learn about fiqh,hadith, and islam from a sisters point of view.


While most of us have not stepped in a library since elementary school, since then the Free library has been stepping up its game. This website allows you to search for materials,renew books,pay fines,view events, and locations of library closest to you. It is a very valuable resource to have for FREE! The library has lots of recent titles,dvd’s, and even story time for those with small children.

6. http://philadelphia.craigslist.org/
If you haven’t discovered this site for all its worth you have been clearly living under a rock for the past 5 years. This is a public classified site that allows normal joes like me to buy Ikea stuff already put together for 50% off. But be sure that you know a guy with a truck because you will need to transport in a hurry to pick items generally communicated through email medium.


Most of us know you tube for showcasing Lil wayne’s newest video but the more useful and informal side of youtube is all the how to,language learning, and academic lectures it offers, try it for yourself. Pick a topic you are interested in and “you tube it”. Videos such as how to make henna tattoos, belly dance, and knit were all helpful for me.


I don’t have cable; partially by choice partially by lack of finance, Netflix allows me to rent movies and keep them as a long as I want and mail them whenever I want. This is good because I can see all those ‘old’ good movies like “clueless” and all the new ones like “batman dark knight” without having to buy them. Instead of trying to catch all the new releases in theaters(which I don’t have time for) for 18.00 dollars a month(about the cost of 2 movies tickets) I can watch them when I want in my own home.


Simply the best cooking and recipe website there is. I can find a recipe for anything my stomach desires and cook it at home most of the time using a simple and easy to do recipe. Some of my favs so far have been the Peach cobbler and cheese cake! YUM!


I love blogs! I love when someone takes the times to write down their thoughts to share with the world and give us an insight to their interesting and humorous lives. Some of my most favorite blogs are those about Parenting,crafts and sewing,exercise, and the ones dedicated to helping peole save money.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it, thanks for taking a look into my (web) life.


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